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Quilting and Sewing Notions

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075691007140 3" 3/Pkg Bobbin Rings
by Singer Notions
$2.09 $1.87  
Store and transport multiple bobbins easily. Each ring holds up to 18 bobbins.
TLR-214156 Thread Magic Combo - Round and Cube
by Taylor Seville
$10.99 $9.89  
Thread Magic is a thread conditioner. Designed to make thread more manageable, it reduces friction when sewing, protects against UV rays mold and mildew, and helps reduce tangling and knotting. Thread Magic can be used for hand or machine sewing. Acid-free and non-toxic.
BOH-91781 Bohin Water Erasable Marking Pen - White
by Bohin
$7.69 $6.92  
Bohin Water-Erasable Marker Pen. Use this white pen for marking on dark-colored fabrics. The mark appears spontaneously and clearly after 5 seconds. Great for quilting, sewing, and craft projects. Erases with water.
628586736245 12oz Ground Walnut Shells For Pin Cushions - Unscented
by PlumEasy Patterns
$3.99 $3.59  
Ground walnut shells are an ideal filling for pin cushions. Walnuts are naturally grown and are sustainable. They are from the local walnut harvest and have been cleaned of all nut meats and debris. The filling is strong and hefty, and when used in a pin cushion, keeps it stable. Does not dull or sharpen pins and needles. Contains: 2 cups by volume, 12oz by weight.
YW-NT Trolley Needle Thread Controller
by Yarn Works
$8.99 $8.09  
Multi-purpose thread controller and finger protector. Designed to eliminate the turning and twisting of fibers when performing needlepoint, smocking, seams, hems and stitching ruffles. It will control multiple threads for smooth professional results. The Trolley Needle is worn on the middle finger and is easy to use. Adjustable to any finger size.
BOH-81999 Bohin Aluminum Needle Threaders
by Bohin
Bohin Aluminum Needle Threaders. Use these handy little tools to help thread a tricky needle! This package contains 3 aluminum needle threaders.
661799554756 12oz Ground Walnut Shells For Pin Cushions, Lavender Scented
by PlumEasy Patterns
$5.49 $4.94  
Ground walnut shells are an ideal filling for pin cushions. Walnuts are naturally grown and are sustainable. They are from the local walnut harvest and have been cleaned of all nut meats and debris. The filling is strong and hefty, and when used in a pin cushion, keeps it stable. Does not dull or sharpen pins and needles. Contains: 2 cups by volume, 12oz by weight. The Grosso variety of lavender is naturally grown with no pesticides. Good for filling neck rolls or massage rolls that can be microwaved.
856349000122 That Purple Thang
by Little Foot
$3.79 $3.41  
It pushes, pokes, pulls, fudges, turns, stuffs. Every quilter, crafter and seamstress needs one! You can thread a ribbon through the slot and wear it around your neck. Made of heavy plastic.
SING-54301 Singer Professional Series Thread Conditioner Wax 5 Pack
by Singer Notions
$3.99 $3.06  
Professional Series Thread Conditioner Wax. Use Pro Series Thread Conditioner Wax to prevent hand sewing thread, machine sewing thread and other crafting thread and cords from breaking, tangling and knotting. Includes five pieces, each in an individual plastic container. The design of the container makes it easy to coat thread without making a mess. Made of 100% beeswax. Instructions: 1) Align thread over slot in holder. 2) Hold thread tightly with thumb while pulling through slot to coat.
BOH-91785 Bohin Water Erasable Marking Pen - Ultra Fine - Blue
by Bohin
$4.59 $4.13  
Bohin Water-Erasable Ultra Fine Marking Pen. An extra fine point for making extra thin lines. Great for quilting, sewing, craft projects, and more! Also ideal for transferring patterns to fabrics. Markings on some fabrics may take two washing to remove.
THERM-3336 Heat'n Bond Light Weight Iron-On Fusible Interfacing
by Thermoweb
$3.09 $2.69  
Iron-on interfacing for quilting, home decor and craft projects. Adds crisp detail to light, medium and heavy weight fabrics. Use in collars, cuffs, facings, pockets and detail areas. No pinning, basting or shifting, fuses in seconds. Machine wash and dry cleanable. White 20" x 36".
BOH-91473 Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil - Extra Fine - White
by Bohin
$13.39 $12.05  
Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil. This mechanical chalk pencil is ideal for marking on fabrics and other supports and also works great when outlining stencils due to the extra fine 0.9mm lead. This package contains 1 Mechanical Chalk Pencil and 6 white chalk leads.
072879286052 Purple Seam-Fix Seam Ripper (665)
by Dritz
$6.99 $6.29  
Seam ripper quickly cuts threads. Rubber tip on end grabs and removes threads.
072879031539 Dritz Quilting Beeswax W/Holder
by Dritz Quilting
$2.79 $2.51  
Wax stabilizes the twist of thread, strengthens thread and reduces knotting. Simply run thread through grooves in holder.
TLR-214033 Thread Magic Round
by Taylor Seville
$8.00 $7.19  
This tool is designed to make thread more manageable. It reduces friction when sewing, protects against UV rays, mold and mildew and helps reduce tangling and knotting. Can be used for hand or machine sewing. Safe for all threads and fabrics, ideal for metallic and specialty threads. This package contains one thread conditioner.
DRITZ-608 Seam Ripper
by Dritz
$1.99 $1.49  
Seam rippers are metal cutting blades for cutting and removing unwanted stitches. Use it to open seams, slash button holes and pick out threads. 3 1/2".
DRITZ-676-60 Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen - Blue
by Dritz
$5.49 $4.19  
Water soluble ink easily removed with a damp cloth. Use to transfer pattern markings - needlecraft and quilting designs. For best results - use on washable fabric. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics. Store pen with cap on and point facing downward.
DRITZ-8S Sequin Pins - Nickel - Size 8 - 350 Per Pkg
by Dritz
$2.69 $2.06  
Size 8 1/2 Inch Nickel Plated Steel Uses for pinning sequins and trims - hand applique and crafts. Extra short fine .5mm Shaft. 1/2" (13mm).
FP-7881 Fons & Porter Quilters' Needle Threader 3 Per Pkg
by Fons and Porter
$2.99 $2.63  
Fons & Porter Quilters' Needle Threader. These nickel-Plated Steel hand or machine sewing needle threader. These handy threaders make threading needles easy! This package contains 3 threaders.
BOH-081950 Bohin Rubber Needle Grippers
by Bohin
Bohin Rubber Needle Grippers. Use this to get a better grip on your needle and to pull it through fabric. This package contains two 1 1/2" rubber grippers.
075691073404 3/Pkg Plastic Decorative Needle Threaders
by Singer Notions
$2.39 $2.14  
Includes 1 each of strawberry, heart and flower shapes. Wire threaders for hand and machine needles. Use with sewing thread, embroidery floss or Persian yarn.
051221523045 Eraser Pen
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.95 $4.45  
Use to remove markings made by any water-soluble marker. It's more efficient than using a rag and more sanitary than using saliva on your finger.
CL-00172 The Snag Lite Lighted Snag Fixer
by Widget Products
$7.29 $6.49  
The Snag Lite Lighted Snag Fixer will repair knitted and woven garments, drapes, and upholstery. Fast and easy to use! Great for use on dark fibers. Includes a protective cover and batteries are included.
CLO463 Seam Ripper from Clover
by Clover Needlecraft
$3.75 $3.22  
The small ball on the point will prevent damaging materials when used. Rips seams without damaging the fabric. Perfect for sewing and quilting projects. Seam rippers are metal cutting blades for cutting and removing unwanted stitches. Use it to open seams, slash button holes and pick out threads.
C6031 Clover Flexible Rubber Thimble - Medium
by Clover Needlecraft
$6.95 $5.97  
This thimble's secure grip allows easy manipulation of needle through fabric. Flexible for a perfect fit, and vented for breathability! This package contains two .625 inch medium size rubber thimbles.
SING-54423 Singer Professional Series Seam Roller
by Singer Notions
$9.99 $7.68  
Singer Professional Series Seam Roller. The Singer Pro Series is perfect for a quick press of the seams at a sewing machine. No need to stop and iron fabric mid-project. Simply press and roll to create a sharp seam without distorting the fabric or paper. Use this tool to flatten and secure open or glued seams on leather or felt. The plastic seam roller is also great for quilting, especially paper piecing.
075691004804 3/Pkg Sew Cute Flexible Thimbles
by Singer Notions
$3.19 $2.86  
072879286090 Size 12 150/Pkg Petite Pearlized Pins
by Dritz
$2.99 $2.69  
Stainless steel pins with white pearl heads. Packaged in a plastic storage box.
051221523106 White, Pink & Blue 3/Pkg Water-Soluble Pencils
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.75 $6.98  
Pencil is suited for precise marking on all of your fabric projects. Easily wipes off with water.
781898010264 Reverse Action Tweezers
by Tool Tron
$5.39 $4.85  
TOOL TRON-Reverse Action Tweezers. These tweezers are the perfect tool for your various crafting needs. They feature a fine tip, are self-closing and are made of high grade stainless. This package contains one pair of 5-1/2 inch pink tweezers. Imported.
C8735532 Junior T-Square Ruler 12"
by C-Thru
$2.29 $2.08  
This specialized drawing instrument allows you to draw straight horizontal lines with ease. This package contains one 12in T-square (total measurements are 13x6in). Made of durable clear plastic.
DRITZ-33 Bridal and Lace Pins - Size 17- 225 Per
by Dritz
$3.29 $2.49  
Size 17 1-1/16 Inch Stainless Steel Use for fine or lightweight fabrics and lace. Extra fine - 5mm Shaft.
DRITZ-31 Color Ball Pins Long - Size 24 - 75 Per
by Dritz
$3.39 $2.59  
Size 24 1-1/2 Inch Stainless Steel Longer length pins for general purpose sewing. For medium weight fabrics. 1 1/2" (38mm).
C434 Chacopy Tracing Paper
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.25 $3.64  
5 Chacopy tracing paper in assorted colors (Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow) Size: 12"x10" (30cm x 25cm).
SING-07052 Bulb Safety Pins - 50 Pack
by Singer Notions
$4.99 $4.49  
This set of 50 Bulb Safety Pins can be used for almost anything, including basting multiple layers of fabric, securing tags to garments, stitch markers for knitting crochet projects, and DIY craft decorations! Black and silver nickel plated steel. Versatile, pear (bulb) shaped pins. Contains 50 pins, 25 of each color.
C9612 Clover I Sew For Fun - Roll and Press Tool
by Clover Needlecraft
$15.50 $13.99  
Roll to press a seam or fold. Won't pull, stretch or distort fabric. Wheel is tapered to focus pressure on seams.
DRITZ-758 Dritz Retractable Water Soluble Fabric Marking Pencils
by Dritz
$7.99 $6.99  
Use these fabric marking pencils to transfer pattern markings directly onto fabric. Suitable for use on dark and light fabrics. Ideal for marking darts, pleats, buttonholes and other pattern or design markings. This package contains two 6.5 inch long fabric marking pencils in two colors - blue and white.
FP-7782 Fons & Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper - 5"
by Fons and Porter
$4.99 $4.39  
Ergonomic Seam Ripper. This seam ripper is easy-to-hold and ergonomically created to fit the hand perfectly. The safety ball protects fabric and hardened steel retains sharpness. Measures: 5 inches.
C415 Clover Kuroha Thread Clipper
by Clover Needlecraft
$16.75 $14.75  
Clover Kuroha Thread Clipper. High quality thread clipper offering an excellent cutting edge and lasting performance. Clover's Kuroha Thread Clipper features a carbon steel blade and is 4.25 inches in length.
C9608 Clover I Sew For Fun Fabric Marking Pen By Nancy Zieman
by Clover Needlecraft
$5.25 $4.72  
Blue ink. Water-soluble ink is easily removed with a damp cloth.
BOH-91477 Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil Refill - Green
by Bohin
$7.79 $6.99  
Bohin Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil Refill. This package contains 6 refill leads for use in the Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil BOH-91473.
075691073305 Adjustable Comfort Fit Gel Thimble
by Singer Notions
$2.39 $2.14  
Features an open top to accommodate long fingernails.
NT-MEDIUM Leather Nimble Thimble with Metal Tip - Medium
by Dritz
$4.95 $4.64  
Soft leather conforms to the shape of the finger and stretches for a long lasting fit while allowing the wearer to control the needle as it glides through the fabric. Features a protective metal tip to guide the needle through - no matter how many layers! Quilters may want to wear 1 on each hand to protect the underneath hand from the needle coming through the fabric. Opening in the end of the thimble frees the fingernail.
072879030044 Size 22 250/Pkg Dritz Quilting Extra Fine Glass Head Pins
by Dritz Quilting
$7.99 $7.19  
Nickel-plated steel straight pins are extra fine with a .5mm shaft. Perfect for basting delicate fabrics and machine piecing. Feature heat-resistant crystal glass ball heads. Packaged in a plastic storage case.
075691003593 Size 24 100/Pkg Decorative Straight Pins
by Singer Notions
$4.39 $3.95  
Pins feature flat heads in various shapes including flowers, stars, hearts, moons and butterflies.
072879031621 0.625" 65/Pkg Dritz Quilting Extra Large Thumb Tacks
by Dritz Quilting
$4.09 $3.68  
Extra large, rust-resistant heads make tacks easy to insert and remove. Use to mount tacking strips to quilt frames.
091262043331 4oz White Emery For Pincushions
by Yarn Tree
$5.00 $4.50  
A fine grain, white emery (aluminum oxide) perfect for making your own pincushions. Keep your needles shiny and sharp. Very clean, pure and non-toxic.
051221750328 Purple Air-Erasable Marker W/Eraser
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.25 $6.53  
An air-soluble marker with an eraser. Markings naturally disappear in 4 to 14 days.

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