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A Quick Guide to Needles

Tapestry needles are your best choice for most stitching or embroidery projects. These needles have large eyes and blunt tips. The large eye makes it easy to hold multiple strands of thread, while the blunt tip ensures you don't split your fabric.

Needle size for your project depends on the fabric you're stitching on. Use thin tapestry needles (24, 26, 28) for high count fabric, and use thick needles (20, 18, 16) for low count fabrics.
If your needle is pushing apart the fabric's threads and making the hole larger, it's probably too big. If your needle falls through the fabric without touching the fabric's threads, it's probably too small.

Other needles include:
- Easy Guide Needles (ball point for easy positioning)
- Beading Needles (very fine, made for stitching beads)
- Embroidery Needles (sharp point for piercing close-woven fabrics)
- Chenille Needles (sharp point and very large eye, good for wool or other heavy threads)
- Gold Plated Needles (if you're allergic to ordinary nickel needles)

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